checkBaujahr: 1990 checkLänge: 37,50 m checkBreite: 7,62 m checkTiefgang: 3,20 m checkLeistung: 2 x 354 PS checkMaterial: Stahl checkTankvolumen: 22.000 l check Preis:


ARIADNE, a 37.49 m sailing yacht built in Greece and delivered in 1990, is the flagship of Aegean Builders. It is the only Poseidon 123 model. The exterior design of this luxury yacht is the work of Antonis Ploutis, who also completed the naval architecture. The yacht was refitted in 2001; in 2010 the owner took the boat to a yard in Tuscany to do a further refit, then dismantled the masts, furniture and accessories with the intention of rebuilding them in a more modern version. The owner was unable to complete his project, so the boat is now looking for an owner who wants to restore it to the splendour of when it was designed. All accessories are in good condition and can be refitted, the steel hull is in very good condition, some restoration work on the deckhouse is necessary. We estimate that the cost for the total refitting could be around € 1,200,000 / 1,500,000, but this amount is only indicative because it varies depending on the needs of the owner.

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