checkBaujahr: 2021 checkLänge: 5,50 m checkBreite: 2,20 m checkAntrieb: Außenborder checkLeistung: 150 HP PS checkMaterial: Aluminium check Preis:


New aluminium Tender ALUVA 550

Dimensions : 5.50 x 2.20 meter
Hull : 4mm High Grade aluminium, seaworthy

• Multihull
• Self drained floor with non slip aluminium
• Double bottom
• Round Seat in front with lockable compartments
• Steering Console in front of rear bench
• Rear bench with lockable compartment
• Handrail equal to both side dimensions of the round seat
• 2 pieces Front Fenders inserted with Rubber
• Full Fender inserted with Rubber around the boat
• 6 pieces Bollards
• Callapsible A-frame inclusive LED working lights and navigation lights, all controlled from Steering Console
• Cushion set with backrest
The bracket can be used for wakeboarding!!

• Yamaha 150 HP V-max
• RVS propeller
• Jack plate between stern and engine, height adjustable from the console for optimal sailing performance

Damco braked tandem axle, with rollers and manual winch

Year of build (complete set): 2021 AS NEW

This complete set is ready to go and immidiately available!
Door to door delivery is possible.

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