checkBaujahr: 2016 checkLänge: 14,25 m checkBreite: 4,05 m checkKabinen: 3 checkPassagiere: 6 checkAntrieb: Innenborder checkMaterial: Aluminium checkBrennstoff: Diesel check Preis:


KM Yachtbuilders latest development is the Bestevaer 45ST PURE.

The demo yacht 'Nescio' is the first yacht built in this range and now for sale.

Normally, KMY yachts are fully custom-built with every detail according to the owner's wishes. The PURE will be more of a production yacht and aspects such as dimensions, deck plan, the hull, layout and styling are fixed. The owner still has influence over the final version, but not as much as for a custom-built yacht. The Pure philosophy is that it must remain a safe, seagoing and comfortable yacht, just like its custom-built siblings, but in a pared down version, without for example 3 toilet compartments, air conditioners, dishwashers or an expensive teak deck. The name really says it all…..

Visit the PURE during the following shows:
30 Aug – 04 Sept: Hiswa in-water Boat Show, Amsterdam, Netherlands
16-25 Sept: Southampton Boat Show, United Kingdom
29 Oct – 06 Nov: Hanseboot, Hamburg, Germany

The PURE is nominated for European Yacht of the Year 2017!

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