checkBaujahr: 1985 checkLänge: 9,12 m checkBreite: 3,30 m checkKabinen: 2 checkAntrieb: Innenborder checkLeistung: 32 PS checkBrennstoff: Diesel check Preis:


This Dresport Furia 32 named ARUBA (spanish flag) has finished its refit in April 2018. The hull was completely overhauled (Renewal of´Gelcoat, Sanding, Polish) and a new Antifouling was applied. During this refit the Sole Diesel, that is running perfectly despite its 20 years, was serviced and all seals of portholes as well as some upholstery were changed. The three batteries (4 years old) are working fine. Included in the equipment are a liferaft for 6PX, a dinghi with a 3.5HP outbord engine (2 years old, not included in the price), an EPIRB, 8 life vests and further boat equipment. The VHF console was upgraded and contains a DSC-componet in order to increase safety. The main sail was changed 8 years ago, the Genua (rollable) 5 years ago. Currently a older version is being used in order to protect the newer one. This Furia 32 is well-maintained and can be viewed at any time.

Motor:Sole Diesel (4 Takt/Stroke)

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