checkBaujahr: 2005 checkLänge: 15,70 m checkBreite: 4,22 m checkKabinen: 3 checkAntrieb: Innenborder checkLeistung: 715 PS checkBrennstoff: Diesel check Preis:


Not Just a Dayboat Americans like their yachts crammed with berths, but Med-style express yachts are usually more for day-boating than cruising; the cabins are more for changing out of wet swimsuits and for naps than for sleeping a bunch of folks. Traditionally, Italian, French and Spanish yachtsmen go home at night, or moor near a comfortable hotel and sleep ashore. With such owners, only the crew stayed aboard. But the last decade things have been changing in the Med. The Fairline Targa 52 GT is a good example of that evolution. Like most top-line Med boats today, it has sumptuous accommodations below, with a big cockpit for relaxing and entertaining on deck. The helm is covered with a sliding sunroof, so even the helmsman can work on his tan.
Design and Construction Bernard Olesinski did the Targa’s design and structural engineering; he’s one of the U.K.’s top naval architects, and has drawn some of that country’s finest yachts. To ensure a smooth ride and efficiency, he combined sharp forward sections with 20 degree deadrise aft. By integrating the swim platform, Olesinski gave the boat a longer waterline length for improved performance, especially at lower power settings. Propeller tunnels permit mounting the engines further aft while also maintaining efficiency by reducing the shaft angle. Lower draft is also a side benefit, not as important in the deep Mediterranean, but handy in the shallow coastal waters of England at low tide or the U.S. and Bahamas. Full-length molded spray deflectors keep things dry on deck. Interior design, layout and detailing is by the Fairline Design Team.
Construction is rugged. Isophthalic gelcoat backed by fiberglass mat in isophthalic resin protects against osmosis, important in areas where the boat will stay overboard all year. The main laminate is uni- and bi-directional glass fabric and traditional woven roving. Polyurethane foam coring stiffens the deck; integrally molded stringers support the bottom. The hull and deck are both bolted and bonded to create a strong almost-monocoque structure. In short, this is a boat that will hang together whether in the balmy summertime Med or the boisterous North Sea off Scotland.

Motor:2 x Volvo D12 EDC 715 HP

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