checkBaujahr: 2019 checkLänge: 6,60 m checkBreite: 2,50 m


With Lundi Boats, we can offer you a wide range of stable and durable aluminum boats and yachts from the small multi-purpose boat through high-quality fishing boats to the comfortable yacht. Both the construction as well as the hull and hull construction are carried out in Rostock, so that individual wishes can be implemented quickly and easily.

The Lundi 215 is very seaworthy and has outstanding handling characteristics. It is therefore suitable for both the sea and the interior.
We offer the following versions:
CenterConsoler (CC)
SoftTop (ST)
HardTop (HT)
Whellhouse (WH)

The Lundi 215 can be equipped with an outboard engine of up to 225 hp. The complete technical equipment is individually coordinated with the customer and adapted to his wishes and needs.

Basic equipment:
Hull to the aft storage space / tank room, center console with windshield, hatch to the storage space under the center console, 2 control chairs, mechanical control with steering wheel, handlence pumps, battery, navigation lights with switch panel.

This equipment is also optional and can be adapted to your individual requirements.
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