checkLänge: 6,90 m checkBreite: 2,55 m checkPassagiere: 8 checkAntrieb: Außenborder checkMaterial: Aluminium check Preis:


MS Boat S690- A work boat with a sporty touch. S 690 is designed for a year-round use. It has a solid deck construction made from the highest quality, salt water resistant aluminium. Big open space on-board allows you move around freely with a good visibility and easy access to the ship¿s sides. It also provides an extraordinary loading capacity.Boat is equipped with two comfortable couches providing comfortable and safe seat to 8 persons. It also provides some very practical lockers to store all your necessities.Leisure version with T-top, table avaiable.

16400 EUR (excluded VAT)
19516 EUR (included 19% VAT)

Length 6,90 m
Beam 2,55 m
Sheet metal bottom 5 mm/sides 5 mm
Person capacity 8

Ask for transportation:
+48 698457587

*Hydraulic steering
*Electric blige pump
*Manual blige pump
*Fuel tank
*Fuel gauge
*Navigation lights LED
*Compartments- 2 pcs
*Handles- 2 pcs
*Cargo security hndles- 4 pcs
*Cleats- 4 pcs
*Rod holders- 2 pcs
*Boat ladder
*Rubber fenders
*Painted bottom
*Self bailing deck
*Socket 12 V
*Electric Panel
*Main switch
*Boat horn
*Seats (2 person)
*Box under seat

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