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VX CRUISER (model 2013)

Both, pilot and passangers are going to feel the difference which is guarantee by ergonomic seating for 3. VX Cruiser is marked by great performance, fuel economy and driving facility what makes long distances become real pleasure.

VX Cruiser owe its attractivness to practical and luxury equipment, consist of: convex, double mirrors; reverse gear, Yamaha's remote security system with its "L" (low-RPM) mode. Not to mention the metallic deck and sleek black hull, which make it one of the best-looking watercraft.

-1052cc, 4-cylinder, 4-stroke, DOHC engine
-Semi-V multi chine hull
-Contoured cruiser seat for maximum comfort
-Remote security and low-RPM mode
-Yamaha Engine Management System (Y.E.M.S.)®
-Re-boarding step for easier boarding
-Hyper-Flow jet pump
-Glovebox and storage facilities
-Reverse gear
-Contoured cruiser seat for maximum comfort
-Elongated stern platform
-Automatic bilge pump
-Driving mirrors
-Working hours gauge.

-Lenght: 3.27 m
-Width: 1.17 m
-Height: 1.16 m
-Dry weight (kg): 340 kg
-Max. people on board: 3.

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