checkBaujahr: 2020 checkLänge: 8,13 m checkBreite: 2,68 m checkLeistung: 2 x no.1 350 hp turbodiesel + no.1 25 kw electric motor PS checkMaterial: GFK checkBrennstoff: Diesel check Preis:


Eco 850 Limousine, an 8.13-metre passenger boat or tender, combines cutting-edge technology, respect for the marine habitat and the nautical tradition of Lake Iseo. ECOLINE MARINE has conceived a boat to go electrically from zero to eight knots and to be able to navigate in protected areas or manoeuvre in harbours in an ecological spirit of ecofriendly philosophy. Extremely well thought-out accessories and details in the best nautical tradition of Lake Iseo. Separate pilot's helm and spacious passenger cabin. Max number of passengers:12
Boat visible by appointment.
For further information about the boat and the auction, contact us or visit our website!

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